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Nov 10

Sex, no one is immune.

Whether indirectly or directly, it can be the undoing of many - even the most prestigiously perched people. 

Extramarital affair? Falsely alleging sexual abuse? 

I’m not debating the merits of either, affairs or falsifying information, indeed the subject matter of the latter is abhorrent, but there is no escaping the fact this basic and organic act is omnipresent.

Well, ‘fatty’ food is officially an inelastic good, in Denmark at least.

The fat tax or sugar tax is no longer. I recall when Denmark was cited as effectively leading the way, and Australia wouldn’t be too far behind. I suspect though that if it was ever implemented in Australia different results would prevail, I mean, we cannot literally cross into the neighbouring country to buy our saturated fats. Ah the perils of being an island nation. 

Oct 3



Breaking promises :/

Sep 19
Icebergs in St Johns, Newfoundland. 

Icebergs in St Johns, Newfoundland. 


I sometimes wonder whether I know myself or not.

Jul 24
Varadero, Cuba

Varadero, Cuba

Jul 22

Paper please

I’ve been known to use quite a bit of paper. Hey, don’t get me wrong, I’m not brutal - I’m an avid recycler - I have a stack of paper I re-use to write various to-do notes (unfortunately feeding my excessive note writing).

I also tend to print a lot. Sometimes it is vital, other times I just feel a lot more comfortable when I have it in the  ’classic ink on an A4 sheet of paper’ form. 

I often get comments like ‘You print so much’ (No I don’t! - I’m notoriously defensive) and questions like ‘Why do you print so much?’ (I need to! - Seriously, don’t question me). Just the other day I was told ‘It’s quite unusual, most people just save and read it on their (insert preferred Apple device or other)’. 

It’s just an unquestionable fact of my nature I guess; I need my documents & pdfs printed - maybe it has something to do with that psychological element of needing tangible evidence as opposed to that 500KB file. 

I will continue printing, so long as the ink is there.

Jul 14


Time is a fickle thing.

I’ve had to make a decision of late. Decision making sucks. Only time will tell whether it was the right one. The problem is you see, I have a problem. It’s called projection, originating from ‘el failio to livo in la present-o’.

Well this has been an incredibly self-indulgent spiel.

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